MOMS Club ® of St. Louis County - Central, MO

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MOMS Club® Board Duties


The duties of the President shall be:

a) To preside at meetings;

b) To act as liaison with other organizations and the community;

c) To organize the local group’s activities with the help of the Administrative Vice President and the Executive Board;

d) To act as liaison between the local support group and the MOMS Club corporation and to be responsible for preparing and presenting any reports on the local group’s activities as may be required by the corporation.


The duties of the Administrative Vice President shall be:

a) To assist the President in fulfilling her duties of office;

b) To assume the duties of President when she is not available;

c) To coordinate the service project [as specified in the by-laws].


The duties of the Membership Vice President shall be:

a) To promote membership in the group;

b) To publicize the group in the community, and to coordinate such publicity with the President who is the group’s liaison with the community;

c) To assist the Treasurer in the collecting of dues;

d) To coordinate hospitality at the meetings.


The duties of the Secretary shall be:

a) To compile a roster of all members to be distributed at least once a year;

b) To coordinate or prepare any correspondence necessary for the support group in cooperation with the President;

c) To take minutes of business, special and Executive Board meetings, and to keep these minutes in a notebook available for review by members and the Executive Board.


The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

a) To be responsible for all funds of the group, and to deposit all such funds in the name of the group in such banks, trust companies, or other depositories as shall be selected by the Executive Board;

b) To maintain financial records of the group and to keep those records available for review by the President, the Executive Board, the local group members and the MOMS Club corporation;

c) To receive and legally disperse any funds as directed by the Executive Board, and to give proper vouchers and receipts for any transactions;

d) To prepare and present a financial report to the Executive Board and members of the group at least once a year, and to prepare any other financial reports as may be required by the Executive Board or the MOMS Club corporation.